Panama Paper Folding

•March 7, 2011 • 4 Comments

OMG…I haven’t written anything here (or in my second blog) in a long time! Probably two months right?

I’ll tell you why!

Not only I have been busy at work, but me and my friend Nilka have formed the first Origami group here in Panama, called Panama Paper Folding. We are more than excited about this, so we have been trying to dedicate as much time as we can to this group.

We are just starting, so it’s pretty much only me and her, but we have recently met our newest member: Basilio who has been folding paper and creating his own models since he was a kid!

There are also two collaborators,  Elias and Michael who have helped us with some great models, but since they are quite busy with work and family, they have not been able to always go to our meetings, etc.

So far, we have received a lot of support and compliments from people in different countries such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan and especially Brazil, our dear friend Isa has been amazing!! And we Thank all of them for that, we just couldn’t be more thankful.

One of our goals is to spread the word about Origami in this country, (since it’s not that popular or common here) also let people know about this beautiful art and about everything they can do with a square of paper.

Please, visit our site and let me know what you think! It’s in Spanish though, but you can still see our models! :D And if you need any diagrams/instructions for any models you see there, just let me know!

This is one of our latest models! A 3D Origami Swan.

Wow, I need to start folding new models, I need some new posts here xD

Happy Folding!


Recycling Coca-Cola Bottles!

•December 25, 2010 • 8 Comments

Are you a Coca-Cola freak as I am? Do you like Origami?

If you answered Yes! Yes! Then you might want to try this :)

I think I don’t even have to mention that I am a HUGE Coca-Cola fan!

I believe you can only do this with Coca-Cola bottles, I have tried with others and it doesn’t work. This is the perfect way of keeping some of your origami models safe and at the same time you can recycle some of those bottles!

Here is how you do it, have fun! And thanks to Leyla Torres from for sharing with all of us!

Merry Christmas!!!


Bascetta Star 2

•December 23, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Hey there! How are ya?

I want to show you my second Bascetta Star!!

This one is a bit smaller than my first one but I think it’s really cute! I just love making this model! :)


Happy Folding!


My first Quilling Art

•November 29, 2010 • 4 Comments


I had no idea what quilling was until I saw too many of it in different Portuguese origami blogs, so started my research! Then I met my friend Nilka and she makes beautiful things using this technique and she guided me on how to make this flower :)

Hope you like it!

Now, I absolutely love quilling, I think it’s fun to make and the result it’s just beautiful.

I have downloaded lots of quilling magazines so I will start practicing!

Happy Folding!


New Origami! ^^

•November 12, 2010 • 3 Comments
Well Hello!!!
It’s almost Christmas! >_< Yay! I am in the search of the perfect origami for the holidays, I will show you the pics once I find it.
Now…my first Origami Bascetta Star and Electra!
Let me know what you think!
This Origami Electra was a pain in the…in my stomach! u_u Not sure if it was the paper I used or what…but it was a little difficult to put it all together, so it doesn’t look as good as it should :(
Let me know if you need instructions for these 2 models, they are very known and should not be hard to find in youtube but I can always help ya ;)
Please also visit my deviantArt page! And if you have one too send it to me! I will add you to my deviantwatch if you want ^^
Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Folding!

Cubee bears!…and ducks!

•November 1, 2010 • 20 Comments

Hello hello!!!

I almost forgot to show you these very cute cubees I made a few weeks ago! A friend/co-worker helped me with some of these, there are a probably 26 of them. I don’t really know the name for these, all I know is that there are some bears and ducks, but I love them, they are Sooo kawaii!! >_<

They don’t look as good as when they were finished because…well..they have been through a lot…lol

See there are ducks too?

The corners were a pain in my stomach…

Thanks to my 4 year old sister Marie Claire! She wanted to take pics with them! >_<

Wait…who’s that? Oh, Hi Batman! o_O

As always please let me know if you need the templates for these cute cubees! Leave me comment or I can also send them to you by email ^_^

Happy Folding!


Halloween and Origami!

•October 31, 2010 • 16 Comments
Happy Halloween!!!

What did you all dressed up like? >_< I want to know!!!
I remember the only time I was able to “celebrate” Halloween,  I was probably 10 or 11  years old , and I had to dress as Little Red Riding Hood and I was SO not happy about it…I wanted to be a witch!!!

But I haven’t really done anything special for Halloween after that day, my dad hates it…and after I turned 18 I just sort of lost interest because I started working and keeping myself busy, but I always try to watch lots of horror movies on that day, I love it and I would love to one day be able to dress up, go out and stuff, I’m sure it would be really fun.
Anyways, I wanted to show you the last origami models I have made!

Origami Mandala
Can’t remember the name for this one
Ricardo Colletto Flowers
Hexagon Star
Origami Bow
I wish I had made something related to Halloween, but instead I have been making some other stuff I will show you in my next post.

Need instructions? Let me know! I can send them to you by email ^_^
Happy Folding!

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